Head Flexpoint 130 Squash Racquet Review

Published: 10th February 2011
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Head Flexpoint 130 and Technology!

Strength is fantastic in squash, but only if it is possible to manage it. Handling of power is achievable by way of flexibility! Not your own flexibility, but your racquets!

Typical racket style and design has led to rackets becoming stiffer and stiffer products. This has effectively greater the common power of newer rackets, but this may be at the price tag of handling. You'll find that traditionally, most racquets flex in the very same way. Which functions just fine, but the fine gents at Head made the decision to think outside of the box & reinvent the way squash racquets flex.

The head Flexpoint technologies appears in two elements:




The holes are engineered and you will find them at the 3 o'clock and also the 9 o'clock positions around the racquet frame's head. They make it possible for the racket to flex in a way distinct & more reactive than regular rackets. The two flex holes reduces the sectional stiffness by as much as fifty percent!

The dimples are actually engineered to produce further flexibility with the reduction of beam height by 25%!

The string pattern from the Head Flexpoint 130 is actually a 12/17. The prolonged vertical strings generate significantly of this racquets immense power & compliments the tear drop shape of your frame. Intriguingly, the holes and dimples inside the frame do not impact durability of the frame. So that is certainly how you produce ability, with controllability! You've got racket which might generate tough wall drives at the same time as the ability to recreate once again and again people high-quality touch nicks!

Several dimensions:

POUNDS: 130 grams

HEADSIZE: 500 sq.cm.

BALANCE: 33.5 cm/Even

The Head Flexpoint 130 is actually a mid weight racket. It really is an evenly nicely balanced racket, although, I tend to find that it FEELS top light. Nevertheless, you wouldn't believe it immediately after the powerful hits that you are able to fire from it! It really is noticeable nevertheless when you have to have swift & correct actions for those always essential nick shots. It really is advisable nevertheless to plump up the grip with an over-grip as the stock one which comes on the racket failed to last very long. The white grip also appeared dirty inside of about 5 mins. Nevertheless, this is not a big issue, with grips being sold for typically less than a few dollars it is easily fixed.

To get a racket that says to be for intermediate players, We've noticed a wide range of players use it. For newbies a possible substitute is the Flexpoint 150 which is probably a additional preferable possibility. Whilst they are really just a little much more hard to seek out for sale, the additional 20 grams will make your hits far more constant and highly effective. This is a fantastic strategy to grow quicker & strengthen your self-confidence. Notice that for chilrden and more compact women the 130 may still be preferable in order that the lighter racquet would not tire your arms out as quickly.

Intermediates and better will find the Head Flexpoint 130 an excellent hit for your value. The Flexpoint's ability to appease these types of a broad array of players for the price, and for many years now, really indicates that this is really a High quality squash Racquet.

If you will be searching to get a cheap racket to introduce you to squash & one that will survive you for any time, this is absolutely an incredibly beneficial choice. The lower cost also signifies that the introduction to squash can be more friendlier too!

If you will be wanting for any racquet to add for your quiver as an intermediate or over, the price is at all times appropriate & you can find the Head Flexpoint 130 has the ability to outshine a lot of rackets twice its cost. It's been a essential racket for me at moments & its power still continues to surprise me these days.

I hope this has helped you make your racket decision easier. Superior squash players will find the Flexpoint slightly slow in their hands, but for everyone else you'd be hard pressed to find a better racket for the cost.

Cheers! And get pleasure from the terrific game of Squash!

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